Artequick- key drug in the successful implementation of FEMSE expansion in Comoros.

Time:2017-02-24 Browse:725

The Comorian Ministry of Health and the Center for Disease Control of the Kenyan Ministry of  Public Health invited on 21st to 26th March 2013 a delegation of eight (08) persons of the State Administration of Traditional Chinese Medicine of the People's Republic of China. The delegation was headed by Mr...

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“We will make greater contribution to mankind”- Artepharm 2013 annual training official launch

Time:2017-02-24 Browse:690

On the afternoon of March 1st , Artepharm 2013 annual training - "We will make greater contribution to mankind" was organized by the Science and Technology Industrial Park, and had a professor as speaker. After a description and analysis of the current situation of the pharmaceutical units of New South Group,..

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World Malaria Day is a chance to shine a spotlight on the global effort to control malaria

Time:2017-02-24 Browse:635

Striving for a healthier mankind and particularly engaged in the cause of malaria eradication worldwide, Artepharm Co., Ltd through its branch in Lagos, Nigeria celebrated on 25th April 2013 World Malaria Day. An event that commemorates every year global efforts to control malaria by providing education and u..

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The health delegation of Madagascar visits Guangdong

Time:2017-02-24 Browse:607

On October 7th, 2008, the 3-member health delegation of Madagascar, including Dr Jean René, Chief of Madagascar Food and Drug Administration (FDA), and Dr Roland, Director of the Center of Disease Control of Madagascar, arrived in Guangzhou. Accompanied by some leaders of our company, the delegation visited G..

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Commendation meeting of GMP Certificate granted in Fengshun

Time:2017-02-24 Browse:620

On the 23rd September, a commendation meeting was held in Fengshun County to celebrate the obtaining of the GMP (Good Manufacturing Practice) Certificate. Many people attended the meeting, including Yao Senlong, Secretary of Fengshun county, Li Mingquan, County Mayor, Wang Xinhua, Vice President of Guang..

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