Malaria eradication -- Cure all?

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A novel approach, using drugs instead of insecticides, may make it easier to eliminate malaria. But it is not without controversy Jan 25th 2014 | Grande Comore | From the print edition WHAT if it were possible to get rid of malaria? Not just bring it under control, but wipe it from the face of the Earth,..

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Launch of the fight against malaria

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"Defeating malaria is a victory for the economy"   The fight against malaria through Mass Drug Administration in Ngazidja was launched in the afternoon of Thursday, October 10 in Mkazi Ya Bambao. The event has been a big ceremony attended by the President of the Union and its government, the governor of ..

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Front line against malaria

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Updated: 2013-09-06 11:56 By Xu Jingxi ( China Daily) Hailed as a hero on the islands of Comoros for his work in battling malaria, Li Guoqiao has  dedicated his life to fighting the killer disease, even self-testing drugs and becoming intentionally infected.   Li Guoqiao has received a presiden..

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A delegation led by the Vice-President of the Union of the Comoros has visited Guangzhou University of Traditional Chinese Medicine and Artepharm Co. Ltd.

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On the morning of August 21, 2013, Dr. Fouad Mohadji, the vice president in charge of the Ministry of Health of the Union of the Comoros, accompanied by a delegation visited Guangzhou University of Traditional Chinese Medicine. Professors Li Guoqiao and Song Jianping of the University Research Center on Artem..

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Elimination of malaria in Ngazidja The Chinese delegation is already in place

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NATION Al-watwan N° 2255 Thursday, August 29, 2013 The phase of the mass treatment against malaria in Ngazidja will start. Since last Saturday, the Chinese medical mission that will lead the operation is in Moroni. The mission of Dr. Deng Changsheng is mainly composed of five people, including physicians, mic..

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