Prof. Li Guoqiao gets Award of Wang Ding Yi Cup International Prize for Contribution to TCM

Time:2017-02-24 Browse:584

On April 17th 2008, the conference awarding Wang Ding Yi Cup International Prize for Contribution to TCM (Traditional Chinese Medicine) was held in the People’s Great Hall in Beijing. Mr. Jiang Zhenghua, the vice-chairman of The National People's Congress and Mr. She Jing, the chairman of the World Federation..

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Chinese researchers claim Comoros malaria success

Time:2017-02-24 Browse:596

By Ed Harris PORT LOUIS (Reuters) - A Chinese herbal medicine has slashed malaria cases on Comoros' tiny Moheli island, to less  than 2 percent of the population from 23 percent last year, Chinese researchers said on Tuesday.  A four-tablet treatment given to all of Moheli's 40,000 people in Novembe..

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City news: Malaria in Africa disappears gradually

Time:2017-02-24 Browse:630

Moheli Al-watwan News Published on March 6th 2008 Author:M.Inoussa City news: Malaria in Africa disappears gradually Few months later, people in Moheli will not worry about malaria any more. According to the statistics, compared to the last year, Centre Hospital in FOMBONI, Moheli only had 6 malarial pat..

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Southern African Development Community (SADC) Health Delegation Visits the Planting and Production Base of Artemisia Annua L

Time:2017-02-24 Browse:624

On February 21, 2008, the 9-member health delegation composed by Ministers and officials of Ministry of Health from Lesotho, Malawi and Zambia, as well as the Southern African Development Community (SADC) Secretariat and the World Health Organization (WHO) African Regional Office visited The Planting and Prod..

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Newsouth attends " Guangdong TCM Industry Development Summit & Sci-tech Exhibition"

Time:2017-02-24 Browse:604

On November 26-26, 2007, "Guangdong Traditional Chinese Medicine Industry Development Summit and Sci-tech Trade Exhibition" was successfully held at Guangzhou University of TCM in Guangzhou University City. The summit was jointly organized by General office of guangdong provincial comittee of CPPCC and&n..

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