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Guangdong New South Green Artemisia Pharmaceutical Co., Ltd. was established in 2004, by the Guangdong New South Group and the Guangzhou University of Traditional Chinese Medicine to create. It is a modern large-scale pharmaceutical enterprise which integrates the production, operation and research and development of pharmaceutical products. It has established the research and development of Artemisia annua engineering technology in Guangdong province. Center ", the Guangdong Provincial Science and Technology Department identified as" private technology enterprises in Guangdong Province "," Guangdong Province, the modern industry 500 "enterprises.
Company is located in Fengshun County Economic Development Zone Industrial Park, invested 310 million yuan, covers an area of 300 acres, production plants, quality inspection and warehouse construction area of 78,000 square meters. The existing Chinese medicine Pieces production workshop, artemisinin extraction workshop, Chinese medicine extraction workshop, piperquin workshop and solid preparation workshop. Artemisinin extraction workshop can deal with Artemisia annua 3,000 tons / year; Chinese medicine extraction workshop can handle 3,000 tons of Chinese herbal medicines; Chinese medicine Pieces workshop can produce Chinese medicine Pieces 5,000 tons / year; piperquine workshop can produce raw materials of piperazine 20 tons / Year; integrated preparation workshop production tablets 500 million tablets / year, capsules 200 million / year, granules 240 tons / year, oral liquid 100 million / year. The company has built the Southern Medicine Resources Research Institute, hired in the research of Chinese medicine resources, well-known experts responsible for technical guidance, mainly on Artemisia annua and Lingnan characteristics of Chinese herbal medicine patchouli, money grass, incense, sandalwood, incense and honeysuckle Cultivation, scientific cultivation research. Base is located in Fengshun County, farms, the existing planting area of more than 1,000 acres.
The main products of the company are a class of new drugs such as "Artequick®", "lipid-lowering and weight-reducing capsules", "XiaSu-chou chrysanthemum", "Xiasangju Capsule", "piperazine" API and various Chinese medicine Pieces 500 Variety, more than 1000 specifications. Artequick® is an innovative drug with completely independent intellectual property. International multicenter clinical studies have shown that the drug has high efficiency, quick and low side effects, and performance. Stable, low cost of raw materials, less medication (24 hours 2 times medication), long shelf life, easy to promote, for the advantages of poor areas, in 2006 received the State Food and Drug Administration Class I new drug certificate, including the United States, including 38 The country's patent protection, 31 countries registered trademarks, access to the "14th China Excellent Patent Award", made the Ministry of Science and Technology "national key new products", "Guangdong Province high-tech products" title. 2009 artemisinin piperazine tablets by the Ministry of Health as China's first choice for the prevention and treatment of malignant malaria drugs and basic medication. 2010 Artemisinin piperazine tablets by the Ministry of Commerce as China's aid to Africa antimalarial drugs. Has been registered in 23 countries and is marketed in 19 malaria-endemic countries, making it one of the major drugs for the free market of anti-malarial drugs in Nigeria, Tanzania and Kenya.
The company and the Guangzhou University of Traditional Chinese Medicine to carry out a full range of production and research cooperation, common in the Comoros, Cambodia and Myanmar and other countries to carry out the Artequick ® malaria demonstration project, more than 100 million malaria people out of the malaria, Bring hope.

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