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Artepharm Co.,Ltd., China, one of the top 500 modern industrial enterprises in Guangdong, is established in 2005. It is an innovation-oriented pharmaceutical enterprise focusing on the research of Artemisia annua resources, plantation of Artemisia annua and other medical plants of South China, and manufacturing of chemical API (active pharmaceutical ingredient) and preparation, with integrated sectors of R&D, production and sales. The company builds Guangdong Artemisinin Engineering Technical R&D center and is remarked “Private Science Enterprise of Guangdong” by Department of Science and Technology of Guangdong.


The company currently employs about 200 people, located in the Industrial Park of Fengshun Economic Development Zone, with 310 million RMB direct investment and 1.5 billion RMB dynamic investment. It covers an area of near 66 acres and has a construction area of 78,000 square meters for production, quality inspection and warehouse, including Artemisinin extraction workshop, traditional Chinese medicine extraction workshop, piperaquine workshop and solid preparation production workshop. The artemisinin extraction workshop can process 3,000 tons of Artemisia annua per year; the traditional Chinese medicine extraction workshop can process 3,000 tons of Chinese medicinal materials per year; the piperaquine workshop can produce 20 tons of piperaquine raw materials per year; for the comprehensive preparation workshop, each year, it produces 1.5 billion tablets, 1.2 billion capsules, 240 tons of granules, 200 million oral liquids.


The company’s main products include ARTEQUICK®, a national ClassⅠinnovative drug, lipid-lowering and weight losing capsules, Xia Sangju capsules, and piperaquine API, etc. Among them, ARTEQUICK® is an innovation with completely independent intellectual property rights, which obtained the ClassⅠNew Drug Certificate of the National Food and Drug Administration in 2006 and patent protection in 40 countries including the United States. It has been registered in 36 countries for trade mark and in 26 countries for drug registration. ARTEQUICK® has been marketed in malaria-endemic countries, becoming one of the main drugs in the free market of antimalarial drugs in Nigeria, Tanzania, Kenya, etc. The company completes the construction of the Papua New Guinea-China Antimalarial Center and is awarded National Commercial Quality Brand Demonstration Unit by China General Chamber of Commerce. ARTEQUICK® won the 14th China Outstanding Patent Award, the 2016 International Innovation and Entrepreneurship Demonstration Award, National Key Innovative Product of the Ministry of Science and Technology, High-tech product of Guangdong Province. It was listed by the Ministry of Health as National First Choice and Basic drug for preventing and treating falciparum malaria in 2009, and was listed by the Ministry of Commerce as China-aid antimalarial drugs for Africa in 2010.


The organizational structure has been improved. Artepharm has established wholly-owned subsidiaries, Institute of Medicial Plants Resources of South China and Beijing Branch. Institute of Medicial Plants Resources of South China major in  breeding and planting researches of Artemisia annua and other medicinal plants of South China, pogostemon cablin, Herba Lysimachiae, Agilawood, Honeysuckle,etc. The base locates in Puzhai Farm, Fengshun, covering an area of 495 acres. It has established an Artemisia annua manufacturer-university-institute cooperation base, an Artemisia annua GAP demonstration base, Guangzhou University of Chinese Medicine- ARTEPHARM Joint R&D Laboratory of Artemisia annua Resources, Artemisia annua Resource R&D Laboratory, South China medical plant resource Key Laboratory of The Ministry of Education, etc.


Artepharm cooperated with Guangzhou University of Chinese Medicine in a full range of manufacturer-university-institute cooperation, and jointly launched the the Fast Elimination of Malaria by Source Eradication (FEMSE) Pilot Project with ARTEQUICK® in Comoros, Cambodia, Myanmar and other countries, which gotmore than 1 million people in malaria endemic areasget free from malaria harm, bringing hope for the rapid elimination of malaria in worldwide.


ARTEPHARM is an A-level foreign aid enterprise recognized by the Ministry of Commerce. It is developping transnational business channels actively and shaping international brand image.Its products are registered in many countries and regions, and the sales network covers major overseas markets.


ARTEPHARM adheres to the mission of Endeavoring for a healthier mankind to provide first-class health products and services to the society with scientific management and technology innovation.

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