President of Comoros Visits GUTCM

Time:2017-02-24 Browse:595

Guangzhou: At afternoon on November 9, 2007, Mr. Ahemed Abdallah Mohamed Sambi, President of the Federal Islamic Republic of Comoros, with his 4-member delegation, visited Guangzhou University of Traditional Chinese Medicine for further understanding Prof. Li Guoqiao's FCMSE(Fast Control Malaria by Sourc..

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Pursue your goals---about a commie LiGuoqiao

Time:2017-02-24 Browse:673

he living people should pursue goals. Somebody pursues enjoyment, somebody pursues stimulation, somebody pursues coziness and somebody pursues dedication. A commie should contribute to the people.' It's what the associate Professor LiGuoqiao pursues, the subdecanal of Guangzhou College of TCM and the director..

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Goal to conquer plasmodia

Time:2017-02-24 Browse:664

In order to testify the theory of "Two Fever Peaks", he took a venture of self-infection trial. He said:" In case anything unexpected happens, please present me a circular wreath." In the hot summer of 1981, A special patient was sent into the Affiliated Hospital Of GuangZhou College of TCM, who ref..

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The Second International Artemisinin Compounds Workshop

Time:2017-02-24 Browse:645

To promote international exchanges of information on artemisinin compounds, Guangzhou University of Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM) is initiating ¡°The Second International Artemisinin Compounds Workshop on the Evaluation of Clinical Studies¡±in Guangzhou, China on 16-17, Jan. 2007. Participants will be in..

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Chinese Artequick goes to Africa to wipe out malaria

Time:2017-02-24 Browse:624

Jun 2007  International Herald Tribune  Guangzhou: After decades of fighting malaria in a grinding war of attrition, Li Guoqiao and a team of Chinese medical researchers are confident that the world has the weapons to defeat the disease. But they are convinced that the tactics are flawed. The vetera..

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