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December 30, 2015, by the Guangdong Radio and Television and Yangcheng Evening News Newspaper Group co-sponsored the "2015 Guangdong annual economic list" was officially announced. Guangdong New South Group President Jurai won the "2015 Guangdong top ten economic man", Guangdong New Southern Artemisia Pharmaceutical Co., Ltd. won the "2015 Guangdong annual innovation business."
The 2015 Guangdong economic situation list to "the power of action" as the theme, selected with excellent action, can lead the Guangdong economic development, "Fengyun enterprises", "man of the situation" and "Fengyun Park", the Guangdong comprehensive deepening reform The development of advanced economic elements presented, and make it a leading Guangdong economic and social development and progress of the new impetus, a new benchmark.
A successful real estate business, 15 years of effort, 1.5 billion investment, to achieve mass production of artemisinin, from Asia to Africa, save countless lives, so that Chinese warm world.
Since the beginning of 2000, President Zhu Layi has implemented a strategic transformation with Chinese medicine industry as the mainstay and coordinated development of multi-industry. He has invested heavily in cooperation with his alma mater series of Chinese medicine industry projects to "make the best in China Health medicine service providers, the famous Chinese medicine characteristics of the pharmaceutical group, "the strategic positioning, follow the" medicine with medicine, science and technology medicine, "the development strategy, and actively promote the Chinese medicine industry scale, modernization and internationalization.
For more than 10 years, President Jurai has been relentlessly devoted to the cause of "treating the disease" and the artemisinin by virtue of his belief in promoting Chinese medicine and the ideals of serving the nation. It has quietly supported the use of "medicine with medicine" model in Africa to promote compound artemisinin rapid removal of malaria project, successfully broke the international academia and the media from the various questions and denied, and eventually won the recognition from the international community And attention.

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