A new generation of artemisinin compound - Artequick

24-hour treatment for malaria treatment
ARTEQUICK, a new generation of artemisinin piperazine complex, is an ideal antimalarial drug, especially for drug-resistant malaria has a good effect.
Excellent antimalarials should meet 5 criteria: quick and effective non-resistant low toxicity short course of treatment to block the spread

Quick results: Artequick's clinical trials of malaria in China, Vietnam, Thailand, Cambodia, Indonesia and Comoros show that Artequick can quickly control clinical symptoms, fever time and protozoa clearance time of 16-30 hours and 36 -60 hours. Artequick can prevent malaria parasite development after 2 hours of medication, killing more than 95% of malaria parasites within 24 hours. So it can be very effective in reducing the incidence of severe malaria, thereby reducing malaria mortality. Highly effective without resistance: Artequick has a high efficacy in multiple resistant malaria endemic areas, followed by 28 days with a cure rate of 97%. In the treatment of vivax malaria, through 2 months of observation, the recent recurrence rate of 2%. Artemisinin and piperquin compatibility, delayed the production of Plasmodium falciparum resistance. Low toxicity: Arterquick is lower than other similar ACT cases in terms of the incidence of side effects reported in clinical trials. The incidence of dizziness, nausea, vomiting, abdominal pain or diarrhea was less than 3% and was self-limiting. No reports of laboratory abnormalities were found in hematology, biochemistry and electrocardiogram. Short course: 2 days medication only 2 times medication. Blocking the spread: The global malaria epidemic is the most serious challenge to human health, especially in Africa. Although some of the patient's economic capacity can afford effective antimalarials, the regional spread of malaria is still very damaging to the population. In these countries and groups need to put forward a new anti-malarial policy to change this situation. Prof. Li Guoqiao, inventor of Artequick is now a malaria epidemic country such as Cambodia, the Comoros actively engaged in and promotes new antimalarial policies - rapid eradication and malaria eradication, and the rapid eradication of vasopressin project has been successful in these countries. More than four months after the rapid eradication and eradication of malaria, the positive rate of malaria parasite decreased by 98%, and the positive rate of malaria parasite decreased to 0. After the start of the project, the island's malaria mortality rate dropped rapidly to zero.

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