First, the protection of regional markets policy
1, the dealer must be sold in the area required by the contract.
2, the company has strict market protection measures, set the product delivery security code and anti-channeling goods stream code, crack down on Cuanhuo and regional rush behavior.
3, the behavior of the channeling goods will be punished according to the seriousness of the circumstances. For a small amount, and no malicious Cuanhuo behavior promptly reminded and to stop; for low-cost FALSIFYER to FALSIFYING amount of 10 times the supply price of a fine; for repeated intentional, malicious violation of the company's market protection policy, cancel the dealer qualification The
4, such as the dealer found that fleeing into the sales area of the product, should promptly notify the company for processing, the company verified, the channeling side to give FALSIFYING goods supply price of 10% market economy compensation. For unauthorized purchase of goods fleeing into the sales area, resulting in a vicious circle of Cuanhuo, the company will not be defiled side of any economic compensation.
Second, the market security system
To standardize the market order, to ensure a benign regional terminal agent stable development, set the market margin system. The purpose is:
1, the selection of one of the means of excellent agents;
2, the prevention of regional intermodal goods, FALSIFYING, jump goods behavior;
3, at the end of one of the means of subcontractor assessment.
Third, the market deposit refund system
If the dealer does not violate the sales policy, return the market margin one year after the contract is fulfilled.
Delivery Control:
1, the dealer to pay the market deposit → prepaid → sales management services delivery;
2, a single batch of delivery shall not exceed half of the market margin;
3, the next batch of goods required to provide the goods on the flow of goods.
Fourth, the price management
To protect the interests of dealers nationwide, the implementation of the national retail price, the retail price to be reported throughout the factory supervision, and local prices for the record single-pass back to the company.
Fifth, the dealer settlement management
1, the distribution of the main business units: delivery at the same time according to the distribution price invoicing, ticket counterparts, invoicing, the company that line settlement.
2, the main distribution for the natural person: the invoice can be requested by the dealer, but more than the distribution price of the tax paid by the dealer, more than three months of delivery, the company automatically issued by the sales price invoicing settlement.
Six, cancel the dealer's condition
The company will implement monthly sales assessment of the dealer task, if the dealer for three consecutive months of average sales of less than 70% of monthly sales target (or annual sales of less than 70% of annual sales target), the dealer Agents eligible.

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