Cultivation technical training for Qinghao is organized in Huaiji County

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In December 1, 2005, the Bureau of agriculture, Guangdong xinnanfang southernwood technology company and the government jointly organized Huaiji County Town beam Artemisia annua cultivation technology training, the general manager of the county CPPCC Vice Chairman Liu Keren, Guangdong xinnanfang southernwood Technology Co. Ltd. Huang Ronggang professor gave an opening speech. This training class invited Professor Xu Liang of Guangzhou University of Chinese Medicine for training class teaching from the 19 towns of our county's agricultural supervisor, director of the office of rural, agricultural and farmers in the webmaster. Training members listened to Professor Xu on Cultivation Technology of Artemisia annua, that planting Artemisia annual market great prospects for development in our county, and having a broad development of Artemisia annua cultivation is promoting the development of the rural economy, the effective ways of increasing farmers income.
The "company + base + farmers" or lease contract mode, go planting and sales service of the road. The company promised in the next three years, to provide free seeds and seedlings, the support of science and technology and the acquisition of the insured and other preferential policies for farmers, the farmers planting assured no worries. After the training, the general manager of the company and the expert Professor Huang Ronggang personally led to the scene demonstration for eternal Artemisia Village, and allow farmers to practice, for my county planting Artemisia annua L played a good start. The planting of Artemisia annua will become good ways of Huaiji farmers to get rich.

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