Thousand acres cultivation base for Qinghao settled in Yingde City

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This plan of planting 12 thousand acres of Nafangwang hearing recently, director of the Guangdong provincial food and drug administration director Chen Yuansheng in Qingyuan food and Drug Supervision Bureau Lai Peixin, vice mayor of the city accompanied by Chen Lixia, visited the newly settled German Heng Shi Shui Zhen Artemisia annua planting base, and said the food and drug regulatory authorities will play "supervision, help and promote the role of and give support from the policy, information and other aspects, and strive to make and produce economic benefits early planting base of Artemisia annua l..
It is reported that Guangdong's largest acres of Artemisia annua planting base is concerned about the project of WHO, the base planning and planting area of 23 thousand acres, has planted nearly 8000 acres, this year plans to plant 12 thousand acres, the production cycle is 4 months, can achieve a net profit of about 12 million yuan. By the Qingyuan Municipal Food and drug supervision departments as the introduction of Guangdong xinnanfang southernwood Technology Development Co. Ltd, and the Anglo German local private entrepreneurs cooperation incorporated city xinnanfang southernwood Technology Development Co. Ltd. is responsible for the project, to science and technology, adopt a "company + farmer" mode of operation.
It is understood that Artemisia is a kind of Chinese traditional medicine, the medicinal for the heat, cold, hot spot, extraction of artemisinin from Artemisia annua L., is a high-tech project, is the preferred drug artemisinin anti malaria drugs, is one of the world's most effective anti malarial drugs.

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