First breeding base in Huaiji set up at Dagang Town

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Recently, by the Guangdong science and Technology Co., Ltd. xinnanfang southernwood Artemisia seeds breeding base in Luo Wu Yi village in Dagang Town in the dry land, it will mark the spring investment planning of the town development in 200 acres of Artemisia annua planting base implementation.
Dagang Town is a typical agricultural town population. The town Party committee and government to seriously implement the National People's Congress put forward "to create high-quality grain and breeding industry town of target motion at the same time, the adjustment of agricultural structure as the" key ", make full use of idle land in the development of high efficiency of agricultural production, the successful introduction of the Guangdong in the south of Artemisia Technology Co. Ltd. for local farmers to provide free seeds, technology and Artemisia annua planting and production in the process of acquisition, full service, and give the price of 6 yuan per kilogram of dry leaves for the acquisition of protection. Artemisia is an annual herb medicine, raw, less investment, high profit, general in August February planting and harvest, can be harvested per stem leaves more than 150 kilograms, the output value of 900 yuan above. The local farmers to plant Artemisia annua high enthusiasm, full of confidence.

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