Seeding and breeding technology for Qinghao

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    A, site selection and land preparation
The nursery should choose good drainage and irrigation, soil loose, fertile paddy field, vegetable cultivation furrow, ridge width 1-1.2 meters, 20-30 cm high, at the same time, in addition to the net acres of weeds, applied to have rotted machine 500 kg, 20 kg phosphate fertilizer, potash fertilizer 5 kilograms, or 20 kg of imported compound fertilizer as base fertilizer, fertilizer and surface blending the ridge surface shall be leveled, the whole broken.
Two, sowing time
Artemisia seeded with 2-3 at the beginning of the month for the appropriate period.
Three, sowing Seedling Technology
Watering before sowing, seedbed to completely wet, soil moisture content of about 80%, to avoid the wind when sowing. 1 grams 150-300 grams of dry seed mixed sand or mud powder, mixing evenly, direct sowing in bed. The seed germination rate was more than 90% square meters per gram of seed 6-8 (which can be planted 1 acres of field), seeding rate is about 80 g / mu (can be transplanting 3-5 acres, planting 90-120 mu). No water and cover soil after sowing. Then the bed is covered 20-30 cm high scaffolding, covered with nylon film, moisture, insulation and prevent the rain washed away the seeds. Germination time 5-20 days.
Three, nursery management
We should keep the soil moist after sowing, soil surface dry white Qi cannot pay attention to seedling, otherwise just seed loss will wither to death. Sunny day with 2-4 spray or a spray irrigation. Rainy days should be timely drainage. Pay attention to the regular fertilization Shi Shi thin, with 3%-5% farmyard manure or liquid compound fertilizer imported liquid with 0.1%-0.3% application. In 2-3 leaves gradually removing film hardening, exposing the first two, and then open the side, finally removed. When the seedlings grow to 5 cm to 4 true leaves can carry on.
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