Ministry Of Health Receives Anti-Malaria Drugs

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By: Nyima Sillah


The Ministry of Health last week received over 15,200 anti-malaria drugs from New South Group. The drugs are meant for fighting malaria in the country.


Speaking at the presentation ceremony, the Health Minister, Dr Ahmadou Lamin Samateh described the gesture as a great significance in maintaining social, political development, promoting economic development and boosting social progress in The Gambia.


He expressed gratitude to the group and urged others to emulate New South Group.

The cooperation will help to improve the image of The Gambia, and government commitment to the people and also promote technical cooperation and will help to achieve the goal of Gambia national malaria plan 2020,he said.


According to him, the cooperation will also help in reducing investment and expenditure on malaria prevention and treatment of diseases as well as reduce the economic burden on people.


Balla Kandeh, program manager for Malaria Control, said: malaria is a key component in the Ministry of Health and over the years they have been doing a lot in fighting against malaria in the country.



He said the current rate of malaria in the country stands at 0.0% we have been using different strategies to ensure that malaria is controlled in the country.


Omar Abdullah Jagne, chief executive officer for New South Group, said his group has donated herbal tea to the frontline workers in the fight against Covid-19.




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