Artemisia Annua L planting experiences "Cold"

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  December 2007 05 10:12:23 source: Chongqing daily
"Now the Artemisia annua are not sold!" In November 27th, Fengdu County Yan Zhen Wan Shou Qiao village two groups of farmers Chen Liming angrily said, "last year, I contracted more than and 70 acres of land for Artemisia annua, lost million, 4 large village have different degrees of loss, but this year no kind, or lose more miserable!"
Even the day, reporters in Fengdu, Youyang and other places to understand, there is a considerable part of Artemisia farmers because of loss or profit has dropped to plant other crops planted in Artemisia annua l..
Pain of Artemisia
  Youyang Tujia and Miao Autonomous County in Xi Xiang Yao Lin ran Dongsheng planted more than and 200 acres of Artemisia annua last year, received nearly 30 tons, also features more than and 10 large, a total of more than and 500 tons of hoarding. November 29th at 4 pm, the reporter saw at his house, more than and 300 square meters of warehouse, Artemisia annua brim piled like a hill, a herbal flavor, but mixed with moisture and musty, make people very uncomfortable. Jean Dongsheng said: "there are still more than and 80 tons of unsold, and once the store of Artemisia annua, effective ingredients will decline after a few months, no longer have to extract the value of the original, can only do pharmaceutical excipients. I was a wuliushiwan."
  At present, the people have been selling into the loss of artemisia." Youyang County, a 10 years of doing business in the acquisition of Artemisia Xu Han told reporters, before last September 13th, farmers sell Artemisia can earn 1 kg, had sold 6.5 to 7 yuan, after the acquisition of Artemisia price "avalanche", the minimum 1.5 yuan per kilogram. This year the county enterprises to implement the protection of the acquisition price of 5 yuan per kilogram, the acquisition price of the enterprise outside the county for the price of $3 to $4, or even lower, while the industry recognized the cost price of more than 2 yuan. This led to almost no profit farming.
This year, the interests of farmers really suffered great damage." Youyang County Office production chief Zhang Xiangjun confirmed. 2005 Artemisia annua cultivation area of 66 thousand and 800 acres, the output value of $53 million 480 thousand last year to expand the acreage to 151 thousand acres, the output value of $99 million 720 thousand, this year, the unit output value continued to decline, the output value of only 45 million yuan per mu of Artemisia annua only $72 thousand.
Enterprise helpless
  We have signed a contract price of 3.5 yuan per kilogram, requires artemisinin content of up to 4.5 per thousand, to the point of up to 5.5 per thousand on the up, but then down to more than $1." Fengdu County Agricultural Deng Xinhua said indignantly. Last year he planted more than and 100 acres, not only did not make money, but also lost a total of sixty thousand or seventy thousand.
Deng Xinhua's experience is not a case. Last year, a lot of Artemisia agricultural acquisition, because no one breach of contract price losses, there are still many companies failing to fulfill the contract to buy this year.
Artemisinin production enterprises have their own helplessness. Today, artemisinin is facing a serious excess capacity and inventory crisis, from raw materials and two aspects of the market squeeze so that the company's profit margins, but also because of the failure of orders to face bankruptcy dilemma. Earlier this year, Qianjiang star, the South China Sea pharmaceutical discontinued. At present, the national artemisinin production enterprises only less than 10.
"Enterprises did not honor the commitment, farmers hurt the heart, next year in order to develop Artemisia annua planting more difficult." Xu Han felt more difficult to do business.
Hope is still
  "As long as the purchase price per kilogram 5 yuan, farmers are Artemisia than any other crop at." Chongqing Huayang natural resources development Co., Ltd. deputy general manager Luo Rongchang said. Huayang resources assume one of the leading enterprises in the domestic artemisinin drugs - HOLLEY pharmaceutical supply of raw materials, Artemisia annua, in Youyang this year, the development of planting 18400 acres of sweet wormwood, the purchase price per kilogram of $5.
Luo Rongchang is just such an account: 1 acres of Artemisia annua requires 12 kg urea 18 yuan, 5.2 yuan 20 kg 10 kg phosphate, potash fertilizer, fertilizer total 26 yuan, total investment of less than 80 yuan. Per mu 120 kg, the purchase price of $5 per kilogram calculation, even if the labor force, there are more than 300 yuan net profit. And the average acre capacity of 150 kg, there is a net profit of $500. The planting of Artemisia annua belongs to the lazy industry, do not choose the local labor, many young men have to go out to work, sweat than planting corn and other crops, low cost, good benefits, but also not afraid of wild boar arch." Luo Rongchang said.
For the development of southernwood industry, Youyang County Office production chief Zhang Xiangjun is still full of confidence. His reason is: Artemisia belonging to a single year old medicine, rapid development, is one with the inventory consumption, exceed the standard, compound antimalarial artemisinin market matures, industry will gradually pick up, "as the stock will rise into the trough." Artemisia annua planting in other parts of the country has basically disappeared, Youyang is the use of unique geographical conditions to create the world's capital of Artemisia annua".
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Artemisinin is an antimalarial drug. 2006, China's artemisinin production enterprises soared from 3 to more than and 100, Artemisia annua cultivation area expanded from tens of acres to 1 million acres. According to a survey by the Municipal Science and Technology Commission, this year, the city has grown from 300 thousand acres of Artemisia annua acreage in 2006 fell to 100 thousand acres. (reporter Xiang Jing)

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