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What is World Malaria Day? 

"World Malaria Day" was established and approved at the 60th World Health Assembly (WHA) in March 2007. It replaces "Africa Malaria Day" which has been commemorated every year since 2001 on 25 April and will be celebrated from henceforth annually on the same day, in order to provide education and understanding of malaria as a global scourge that is preventable and a disease that is curable.


Africa Malaria Day was a day that was set aside by African governments  committed to rolling back malaria and meeting the United Nations malaria-related Millennium Development Goals.  But now Member states of the World Health Organisation agree that greater awareness is needed. It is hoped that the establishment of World Malaria Day will mobilize communities across the world to get involved in the fight. It is in recognition of the fact that the world health community recognizes malaria as a global emergency that knows no borders.

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