The 20th Anniversary Celebration of New South Group: African Dance Shines on Stage

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On 13th July 2014, All staffs of the New South Group were immersed in the grand 20th anniversary celebration with great happiness. The anniversary celebration was held at The Pearl River Hotel with 400 staffs representatives from every affiliate company attending the activity to review the group’s tough progressing journey in the passed twenty years and appreciate cultural feast that were selected from the affiliates.

Among twenty well-prepared shows, Antimalaria Record, composed by Dean Mr. Xu Qin and were selected together by Artepharm and Science and Technology Institute of Guangzhou University of Chinese Medicine, caught the eyes of the audiences. The actors dressed in African indigenous costumes, beating African drum, and knocking gong, dancing accordingly with the beat of music, all of these make a vivid atmosphere of African tribes.

To dedicate our best wishes, the Artepharm’s staffs started to prepare the show one month ago. After several rounds’ selection, Antimalaria Record with remarkable African characteristics was been chosen.

The show Antimalaria Record was concentrated on New South’s brilliant achievements in the passed twenty years. To unfold it perfectly before audience’s eyes , the actors were occupied themselves with a duration of training for half a month. Finally, all of the sweat, work released into fantastic performance on that night.

Artepharm has always been shouldering the mission of eliminating malaria in the world, and involving into fighting malaria in high malaria morbidity region in Africa for many years. Leading by New South, Artepharm will keep fighting and continue to endeavoring for a healthier mankind.



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